The story structure of “Thor”

In looking at the Cinematography of ‘Thor,” I also broke down the story structure of the film to aid in understanding some of the cinematography decisions:


Act One

Sequence 1 (Will Thor be crowned King?)

The film opens with a teaser: Jane and Darcy (scientists), and Erik (their mentor) are out chasing storms, and hit a man who falls from the sky.   We are then shown exposition that introduces the war Asgard waged to stop the frost giants of Jotunheim, which culminated in Odin (the king of Asgard) taking the Casket, the giant’s source of power.  We also meet Loki and Thor, Odin’s sons.

We finally arrive in Asgard in present day. Thor kneels before Odin to receive the crown.  Just as the is about to be kinged, frost giant intruders attempt to steal the Casket.  Thor wants to “teach them a lesson,” and in response Odin tells Thor that he won’t yet be king.


Sequence 2 (Can Thor “teach the ice giants a lesson?”)

Thor decides (against his fathers explicit wishes) to march into Jotunheim with his friends Sif and the Warriors Three to confront the frost giants.  They talk their way past Heimdall (the gatekeeper) and are transported to Jotunheim (using the Bifrost, a transporter). They confront Laufey, the leader of the the ice giants, and after being taunted, start a brawl.  It culminates when Odin arrives to try to save the former truce, but Laufey says they have gone too far, and wants war. On returning to Asgard, as punishment for his arrogance, Thor is cast down to Earth by his father, made into a human, and separated from Mjolnir, his hammer, which Odin enchants to only be wielded by someone worthy.


Act Two (Can Thor get back to Asgard?)

Sequence 3 (Can Thor find some footing on Earth and form a plan to get back to Asgard?)

We rejoin Jane where we left off in the teaser at the beginning of the film. They hit Thor with their van and end up using a Taser on him when he acts aggressive. He is dropped off at the hospital where he attempts to escape and is again sedated. Mjolnir has landed elsewhere in the desert, and has gained notice by the local populace, as it is totally immobile.  S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson also takes notice. Loki discovers that he is in fact half frost giant, and Odin falls into a sleep after revealing this.  After picking up an escaped Thor, Jane and friends take him to a diner, and he overhears stories about his hammer in the desert.  He now knows that the first step to getting back to Asgard is to get Mjolnir back.


Sequence 4 (Can Thor get his hammer back?)

S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Coulson confiscate Jane’s equipment, citing a “security breach.”  Loki assumes the crown in Asgard in place of an incapacitated Odin.  Meanwhile, Jane takes Thor to the hammer crash site, which has been turned into a quarantine area by S.H.I.E.L.D.  Thor fights his way into the area but is unable to lift his hammer (he “isn’t worthy”).


Sequence 5 (Can Thor learn to accept his exile?)

Thor is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. Loki visits Thor and lies to him, telling him that his father is dead, that he (Loki) is now king, and forbids Thor’s return.  Erik convinces Coulson to release Thor from the S.H.I.E.L.D. compound.  Thor understands and accepts his exile, and admits that he has no idea what to do now. He bonds with Erik over a night of drinking, and Jane over a campfire.  Meanwhile, Loki proposes to Laufey to kill Odin in exchange for the Casket.


Sequence 6 (Can Thor and friends defeat the Destroyer?)

Unable to defy Loki directly, Sif and the Warriors Three decide to go to Earth to help Thor return. Meanwhile, Loki freezes Heimdall and sends the Destroyer (a huge murderous golem) to Earth to kill Thor.  After a losing battle, in an act of selflessness, Thor offers his life to Loki to save Jane and his Asgardian friends.  As he lays dying, he is finally “worthy” of the hammer, which is summoned to him like a magnet, and defeats the Destroyer.  Heimdall unfreezes himself through force of will, and summons Thor back to Asgard.


Act Three

Sequence 7 (Can Thor stop Loki?)

Loki betrays and murders Laufey and then uses the Bifrost to begin destroying Jotunheim. We finally understand that his entire plot was meant to prove himself to his father. Thor confronts Loki, and manages to incapacitate him.  Left with no alternative, in a final act of self-sacrifice, Thor destroys the bridge, preventing the destruction of Jotunheim, but also separating himself from Jane.  Odin awakes and tries to save his sons from the destruction, but Loki allows himself to fall away.


Sequence 8 (Can Thor reconcile with his father?)

Thor admits to Odin that he still has a “lot to learn,” and that he is not ready to be king.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jane searches for a way to reopen the portal to Asgard.



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